Victoria Roll(non-registered)
Beautiful photos!
Kenneth Bakke(non-registered)
I just can't believe that we went to the same Church.....and, that I actually knew you! So....isn't there something I can say to Yea, I know him.....Larry the photographer! Any ways, I didn't realize you had so many enough to create a spectacular slide show!
Denise Short(non-registered)
WOW! Beautiful work.
Bill Otwell(non-registered)
Fantastic Photos!!!
Dave Miller(non-registered)
Very nice work Larry!!

Thank you for sharing....pretty amazing work. You should check out a friend of mine, Sarah Twitchell, she is a photographer in the city, you would like her work.
Tom Wells(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures Larry.
Thanks for sharing.
Idelma Deciga(non-registered)
Mr. Larry, you are truly blessed with an awesome talent!!! LOVE all your pictures!
Kathy Atkinson(non-registered)
Lary, I am impressed. Thank you for sharing. Now I know where to go when I need a few minutes of peace.
Mary Cisneros(non-registered)
Your site is awesome Larry, you take the most beautiful pictures. Keep up the great work!!!!!!
Gar Thornton(non-registered)
Larry, you once again never cease to amaze me ! Your talents as always.... makes me smile! I remember many of the locations , funny your photos bring smell and taste to my senses that have not been allowed to be out or their own for oh, so long, Thank you. Much care my old friend. ( Hey, do I really need to send my e-mail to you? I got the photos, you poloroid pinhead!) Tubas Etunium my brother.
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